· EAHP's extensive knowledge of the Tanzanian social, economical and political situation. Its ability to respond to the needs of Tanzania business community as these are expressed across sectors and regions.

· EAHP's position as a multi-lingual business intermediary committed to developing bankable projects and directing them to appropriate financing sources.

· EAHP's network of associate consultants and partnership with several local companies that can be tapped to extend EAHP's capacity to deliver services.

· The direct "fit" between EAHP's own programme of business development and the types of approach expressed by a number of investors that must be used to meet the challenges associated with making successful deals.

· The experience of FEDA's (an associated financial intermediary) professional staff in developing both the type of business support services and the consulting expertise that are required to successfully complete business deals in East Africa, can be tapped without limits.

· EAHP's network of multidisciplinary associate consultants that can be tapped to extend EAHP's delivery capacity to deliver services.

EAHP is designed to promote private sector development through the introduction of market focused approaches to both business and organization constituencies. We seek to build demand among small businesses for access to quality consulting services designed to increase their market share and assist businesses to move into both local and export markets.

EAHP is organized specifically to respond to the market development requirements of Tanzanian businesses as identified by both private and government agencies. EAHP is owned, managed and operated by Tanzanian and German entrepreneurs who have participated in the planning and development of these services.

As this proposal will illustrate, EAHP is a leading Tanzanian-German company that is uniquely positioned to provide European companies with access to the type of service needed to support a successful programme that has impact to both Tanzanian and European businesses.

To illustrate the appropriateness of the selection of EAHP as a Representative, the proposal provides an overview of EAHP's unique perspective and an understanding of the context within which we operate, as provided in the Scope of Work and the challenges to be met, if it is to be successful. The proposal then sets forth a complete description of the technical approach that EAHP will take to deliver specific packages mentioned in Responsibilities of the Contractor. Our approaches to both programme management and meeting programme reporting requirements are outlined as well.

This proposal will assure the business partners and government agencies of European countries of EAHP's readiness and ability to move into implementation upon contract award. EAHP has a range of defined products, a portfolio of potential clients and a clear strategy for delivery of services and installation of appropriate systems for deals monitoring mechanisms. In this proposal, EAHP demonstrates how it will use experience resources to make sound deals in Tanzanian businesses -- and how it will bring to the supervising agent, at the end of the contract, clients that have grown from the linkage to the world markets.

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