Our Understanding of the Scope of Work

We are selling to European businesses and also their governments and umbrella organizations the idea that businessmen of those countries do seek a company to represent their interests in Tanzania. Through global trade investments, it will be possible to assist firms to establish viable commercial relationships with businesses worldwide. Our company, East African Home Pages (Tanzania and Germany) therefore seeks to facilitate trade between Africa and the Europe. In addition, we focus in the transfer of technology to all regions of East Africa where European companies and government agencies have active representation to expand the capacity, improve quality of products, create jobs and economical growth at large. The main objectives to be implemented by EAHP are:

· Facilitate private sector linkages between African and international companies

· Assist African businesses seeking to purchase and/or sell goods or services across all the networked geographic regions and industry sectors namely Agriculture, Information Technology, Environment and Energy, Health, Construction, Consumer goods, Financial Services, Mining, Textiles, Tourism and Transportation.

EAHP shall be required to show a capacity and capability to provide support to international investors in Tanzania through identification, screening, registration, facilitation monitoring and reporting of transactions between Tanzanian and international businesses.

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