EAHP's Responsibilities as Contractor

Business Development

Trade and Investment Facilitation

    Submission of Trade/Investment Opportunities: The Programme Manager, Mr. Benedict Lema will be responsible for preparation and submission of new trade and investment write-ups through our internet system each month. Mr. Lema is an experienced trade analyst with the ability to identify and ascertain quality control for potential trade and investment opportunities (venture partnerships to constitute no more than 25% of all business opportunities identified) from Tanzania by screening local companies' requests as well as working with companies to enter the write ups in our system. Primary area of focus will include, among others, (i) entrepreneurs seeking to purchase goods or services of other EAHP registered companies in local and regional markets (ii) entrepreneurs seeking to represent the products or services of other EAHP registered companies in local and/or regional markets (iii) entrepreneurs seeking to develop a strategic alliance, joint venture or business partnership with another EAHP registered company or entrepreneurs seeking to become a franchise of a EAHP registered company. EAHP will use its internal consultants for various assignments including translation work for write-ups to English or requests for mediation in Kiswahili.

    Trade and Investment Follow up Activities: EAHP will be responsible for follow-up services for all the leads submitted in all European regions covered by us, to the extent that we determine that the services will enhance probability of a consummated deal. To do this, EAHP will visit all clients that are registered in the data base to review progress of their deals and correspondences with their business partners. EAHP will provide ongoing support for the development of business relationships between local entrepreneurs and companies worldwide by conducting "business clinics" whereby EAHP will meet with groups of companies with similar requests and assist them to define opportunities available in Europe and take them through the process of responding to letters of interests. As the EAHP Programme Manager meets with registered companies he will continuously update and monitor all active trade and investment leads in the tracking system. This follow-up work will ensure that local companies receive sufficient response to their trade and investment leads. EAHP will continue to closely work with each registered local firm until a deal is reached or until the firm states that the search has been concluded. The completion of each trade lead is determined by either signing of a contract or by a confirmed decision by the local firm to abandon the search. EAHP will, on daily basis, monitor the system to ensure that soliciting Letters of Interest (LOIs) to trade and investment leads submitted by DOA's worldwide network of trade representatives disseminated to local registered firms. EAHP will aim to generate Letters of Interest (LOI) in response to Regional Leads submitted by other representatives as well.

    Business Development Missions and Technical Assistance Projects: EAHP will work with trade associations, GTZ, SWISSAID, various foundations and embassies and governments to facilitate trade and investment by assisting in the preparation and implementation of Business Development Missions and technical assistance projects in the country.

    Business Development Services Referrals: EAHP will conduct workshops, organize meetings and seminars that will enable it to reach out to local, indigenous Business Development Services (BDS) providers to introduce them to European companies and work with them in servicing clients. EAHP being a business development services provider, it is expected to tap into established long term relationship with other BDS providers to refer clients pursuing trade and investment opportunities to specific BDS providers for any technical assistance the firm may require, such as preparation of business plans to access financing, international certification requirements, identification of new technologies, etc. In a case in which the service requirements of the firm cannot be met by referrals to local consultants, EAHP may choose to refer to the services of a global BDS provider in meeting the local firm's needs. In return, it is envisioned the BDS firm will refer clients to European companies and increase the number of participants in the trading network.


EAHP/Tanzania Work Plan: The preparation of work plan will be done together with other contractual obligation and will, in no way, affect monthly targets. The work plan will describe EAHP's approach to activities as well as the scope and magnitude of the activities proposed by EAHP to meet the terms of its contract. Activities that must be set forth include:

· Business Development

· Trade and Investment Facilitation

· Business Development Missions and Technical Assistance Projects

· Business Development Services Referrals

EAHP will be responsible for updating the work plan every six months and shall be referenced in a monthly progress report submitted to European agencies.

    Monthly Reports: A monthly report describing progress on all of the above mentioned responsibilities will be prepared on the third business day of the following month.

    Consummated Deal Write-ups: The quantity and dollar value of consummated deals are two critical measures of the success of the EAHP/Tanzania programme. Following the consummation of a deal, EAHP will provide a detailed deal write-up.

EAHP's Technical Resources, Expertise and Capabilities

EAHP networked consultants (from Universities, consulting houses, businesses) shall provide practical business experience in problem diagnosis, advisory services, investment packaging, market analysis, system design and client centered consulting skills as well as market linkage services.

EAHP is owned, managed and operated by entrepreneurs and business development consultants.

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