Key Personnel

Eberhard Blocher

Director, European operations (based in Cologne, Germany)

Main chores: hosting the website, technical advice, marketing in Europe. Main interests: Computers, telecommunications, internet, business contacts
Main countries of interest: Germany, The Netherlands, England, and also Tanzania and Kenya

Mr. Blocher is a business development specialist and an experienced business consultant and computer scientist.

Education: M.A. (Economics), University of Freiburg, Germany, 1995
.......... B.A. (Comp. Science), IBM Computer Academy, Germany,1987

Sammy Makilla

Director, Tanzanian operations (based in Dar es salaam)

Main chores: coordinating Tanzania team, putting news on the website Main interests: Computers, ICT policy, ICT news, Kiswahili, cartoons
Main countries of interest: Tanzania, South Africa, and DRIK partnership countries
Mr. Makilla is an experienced business analyst and a nation-wide famous journalist. He has over 18 years extensive accounting experience with emphasis on project accounting, financial system design, financial management, business valuation, taxation, accounting, accounts manual design, audit, etc.

Education: B.Comm (Accounting), UDSM, Tanzania
.......... MBA (Accounting) KUL, Belgium

Haster Mwambeso

working at EAHP Germany for three months in 2003, did web design, mainly our new "baby", and trade promotion

Sean Shanahan

based in Cologne, Germany, helped us a great deal while Mr Mwambeso stayed at our office in Germany, will hopefully continue to be available for small projects. Main interests: PHP, MySQL, Java Servlets, JDBC, WAP applications.

Kenneth Nchimbi

based in Dar. Was responsible for web design in 2002.

Will continue doing so in future. Was away in Kampala for IT training.

Zakie Chattanda

Took over designing our web site in 2003.

Based in Dar es salaam. Also doing many other web design problems, at other

companies and institutions.

Benedict Lema

Management consultant and business advisor ready to join our team in Dar es salaam

Eva-Marlene Schmitz

Accountant doing the EAHP book keeping at the German office in Cologne.


EAHP's relationship with its quality staff of 8 full-time business development professionals is based on contractual agreement starting with a probation term of six months with option of renewal to a two-year time frame after performance evaluation. Compensation for the level of efforts is monthly with allowance for bonus. EAHP also maintains a network of associate consultants, in different disciplines, each of which has gone through EAHP training on Best Practice Code. All can be tapped to extend EAHP's delivery capacity to deliver services.

Establishing offices in upcountry regional centers of Mwanza, Mbeya, Tanga with a network of experienced management consultants that are ready to take up assignments. Each of these offices is fully equipped, in operation and available for EAHP assignments. Another office in Nairobi, Kenya is presently under consideration.

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