Financial Proposal

Proprietary Information

General Information:

Name of Company: EAST AFRICAN HOME PAGES (EAHP) {Deutschland and Tanzania}


EAHP's communications and database systems are compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel

Notes on Budget

1. Notes on Service Fees and Level of Effort:

EAHP fees for Senior Consultants are $200/day for short term contract of maximum of 30 days and $100 – $150/day for long term contracts. The Programme Manager fee is charged at $100/day at 22 days each month. Fees for Assistant Programme Manager are $25/day for 22 days per month. The rate for the accountant who will be working part time at 5.5 days each month is $50 per day. A day is assumed to be eight hours.

2. Notes on Expenses:

In Country Air Travel: The budget is based on average return air ticket to in country regional airports for 1 staff for average of 4 days each month and US Department of State (DoS) per diem rates for Tanzania for April 2002. M&IE rates are as published by DoS. Lodging rates are reduced to reflect current hotel rates in regional centers.

Travel associated with company issues: It is assumed that EAHP will hold an annual conference in Northern Tanzania due to this region's accessibility by international airlines.

Other Transportation: The budget is based on present expenditure for visits to Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Moshi and Tanga based clients per month.

Rent/Security/Parking/Utilities: The budget is cost sharing of rent, security and utilities at the office premises. Parking pertains to fees for parking in parking zones in Dar es Salaam City.

Telecommunication: One telephone line and a mobile phone will be dedicated to the EAHP programme. The programme will also be charged for usage of wireless internet connection and fax shared with Business Care Services Ltd. The budget is based at current fax, telephone and mobile line charges.

Marketing and PR Campaigns: The budget is based on current rates of advertisements in newspapers, printing of promotion materials, fees for conferences and special meetings, business promotion meetings with eminent persons in business community, etc.

Stationary and supplies: This is based on current price of stationary, postage, computers consumables, newspapers, and miscellaneous office supplies.

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